common cannabis pests

Common Cannabis Pests: How to Get Rid

It is a known fact for cannabis growers that common cannabis pests are unavoidable when growing marijuana. Aside from making sure that your cannabis plants are provided with the exact nutrients it needs and proper growing environment, preventing or getting rid of pests is also a top priority. So listed here are some of the most common pests and bugs found by cannabis growers on their plants and some advice on how to get rid of them.

  1. Spider Mites

You will know that your marijuana plants contain spider mites when you see small bugs that are oval in shape and have around eight legs. But if you can’t catch these tiny bugs in action, you would have an idea if they are present in your flora if you see that your plants have discolored little spots that are yellow or white in color. This gives away the presence of spider mites as these little pests feed on your plants by eating away at the chlorophyll in their leaves. It therefore becomes a problem because as we all know, chlorophyll is essential for any kind of plant’s survival. Additionally, spider mites weave some really sticky webs that are very hard to get rid of and therefore could contaminate your harvest.

So how do you get rid of spider mites on your cannabis plants? When you are utilizing an indoor growing room, you can make sure to avoid any spider mites incidents by keeping your growing room clean at all times. This includes making sure that the soil you use is free from spider mites in the first place. Also make sure that the air you are providing is clean, and, make sure you yourself are clean when you go inside the room.

If you haven’t anticipated it and already have an infestation of spider mites on your plants, you can get rid of them by using a water hose that is high powered. You could also try neem oil which can be bought from organic pesticide stores or make your own using seeds from neem trees. Neem oil is a natural pesticide and is really effective. You need, however, to ensure that you do not do the cleansing process while your cannabis plants are on the flowering stage as this will damage your buds.

  1. Aphids

Aphids are not an uncommon occurrence in any kind of plant. They look like miniscule little yellow or white bugs that have wings. They could sometimes even just look like white powder due to their minute size. You can usually find aphids under cannabis leaves. Beware when you start seeing a few of these because they reproduce at an exponential rate and could very well turn into a huge problem very quickly. So once you see even just a little amount of aphids, act on it immediately. This is because aphids attract ants and other bacteria and viruses which could be fatal to your marijuana plants.

Getting rid of aphids is not as difficult as you might think. There is a very simple trick of doing so whose ingredients can readily be found in your kitchen. This is by using garlic water or tomato leaf water. This can be done by taking some water and soaking garlic in it with mineral oil, or if you hate the smell of garlic, use tomato leaves instead. Soak them in the water for half a day to a whole day then remove the solids so you can spray the solution on your plants. You’ll find that if you have done a solution that is too concentrated, your marijuana leaves will yellow a little bit so you would have to try again using a less concentrate solution.

  1. Fungus Gnats

Fungus gnats are little winged black bugs that can be found around the soil that you plant your cannabis plants on. They could also be fund around the base of the marijuana stems and are also very little in size. Fungus gnats are also a very serious problem for your cannabis. Unlike other pests, they do not eat out the leaves or flowers on your plants. They do however weaken your plants’ roots by damaging them which leads to weakening and making them prone to other problems.

These pests thrive most on wet soil so it is very important not to overwater your plants and keep the top of the soil relatively dry at all times. Also if you are growing cannabis in an indoor growing room, make sure you install screens on your windows and not to keep your door open as long to prevent any fungus gnats from getting in.

  1. Other pests and bugs

Aside from the three named above, there are a whole plethora of different bugs and pests that could invade your cannabis plants. These could include broad mites that are really, really small. There’s mold which could be a very difficult problem to get rid of. There’s root rot that is very fatal to cannabis. Then there are slugs and snails that just keep coming and coming.

The simplest answer to all these problems is that prevention is always better than cure. So you have to take really good care of your cannabis plants like they are your babies because, let’s face it, with the prospective profit and recreation they bring, they are. Make sure you provide them with everything they need in terms of nutrients, light, water, and soil. Also make sure that you do not neglect keeping the growing conditions ideal for optimal growth of marijuana plants. Regularly monitor the temperature and humidity inside the room because most of these pests and bugs thrive well in high moisture environments.

There are also several choices for insecticides and pesticides that you can use to get rid of pests. But if you do not want anything too artificial and too strong touching your plants, you could always opt for organic options which, as stated above, also includes neem oil.

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