common problems marijuana growers

Common Problems Marijuana Growers Face

The following are several problems that growers commonly face.

1) Nutrient problems

The role of roots includes the absorption of water and nutrients to supply the need of the whole plants. However, roots are also not exempted to some certain problems in which every grower must pay attention with.

Sometimes your roots packed too tightly in your plant’s container. This situation is not good since your roots have not enough space to move and grow.A simple way to solve this is to massage the roots so they become loose before packing them in soil.

Another problem that may occur with roots is its lack of strength. This sign might be due to the of lack of oxygen. Not enough oxygen will weaken the root system.

Branches which are leaning down. Fortunately this has, an easy solution in which anyone can do. Just like leaning branches, a broken branch has also a simple fix. By putting the branch back in place and wrapping the broken area with lightly adhesive tape or something else that will hold the are together which can be taken off later. If the branch is breaking because of weight, its possible to hold the branch up by using string to tie it to something high above that will support it.

Branches and stems which are too long and thin are also not healthy.

Leaves are curling and turning into yellow
When your leaves turn yellow and curl there is a big possibility that your weeds are sick, make sure to attend to this right away.

The way to tend to yellowing leaves is to find out why the plants are yellowing in the first place. The most common reason this happens because of over watering or under watering.

Another reason could be that the PH level is off. This can be solved with a simple test kit to find out what the PH level is and correcting the PH level issue if that’s the case.

2) Poor ventilation
Many growers fail to give their weeds a good ventilation and end up facing problems which are related to poor ventilation. If your weeds cannot breathe properly, they will end up closing their stomata which will cause so much destruction.

3) Incorrect temperature
Too high or too low temperature is another common problem faced by many growers. This is why you need to provide a thermometer to measure the temperature of your grow room from time to time.

Another issue that growers may face is figuring out what sex their cannabis plant is. This is actually very important to know if your growing multiple plants together. If you have male plants and female plants together, the female plant can become fertilized and won’t produce any flower. Find out how to determine the sex of your cannabis plant.

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